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About New Dawn Associates

NDA is a Kigali-based social enterprise and pioneers of community based tourism in Rwanda. Our tourism activities are life-enriching for the participating visitors as well as their Rwandan hosts. We create culturally engaging, intellectually challenging and very intimate high-value experiences that offer unique insights, educate and provoke.We also provide numerous opportunities for meaningful empowerment, sustainable economic development, poverty reduction, reconciliation and enhanced cultural pride. Our vision is to make a meaningful difference that ensures that the is followed by a bright day.

Community Based Tourism Projects

To further proactively support the creation of life-enriching experiences for guests as well as hosts, we have decided to engage ourselves in the development of new and innovative tourism projects in collaboration with a range of local partners and communities. As a general rule, these projects aim not only at offering an intimate and very personal educational experience to the visitor, but also at providing the local hosts with invaluable opportunities to take part in and benefit from tourism activities. The projects can be visited as an excursion from Kigali or Gisenyi, or they can be incorporated into your longer educational travel program.

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Educational Travel

While we do not want our clients to miss out on Rwanda's many diverse prime tourism attractions such as the world-famous mountain gorillas, we strongly prioritize educational, experiential and enriching visits. Understanding the country, learning about its history, people, culture and daily problems, and personal actions and interactions become the center of interest of our programs. We specialize on full-scale educational tour programs for organizations, specialized operators, academic institutions, corporations, international networks, faith-based groups, incentive travel clients and individuals, and the majority of our itineraries are fully tailor-made according to specific needs and desires.

To create your very personal educational tour program, we link activities related to your professional focus or special interest with intimate experiences with the local culture and people, with the country's established tourism attractions, and with a relaxing and exclusive high-end travel environment. In our team we have assembled a range of young local and international experts in a variety of fields, so that we guarantee intellectually challenging and truly enriching experiences. The result is a unique and entirely tailor-made approach to the country, and an in-depth and very personal look at the realities on the ground. We look at tourism in holistic ways and offer you a range of further activities to engage with the destination and its people.

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Special Interest & Proffesional Focus Travel

Among others, we are developing opportunities for humanitarian work experiences as well as professional volunteerism. Far beyond philanthropic endeavors, we explore concepts of micro-enterprise development and support, micro-finance and private sector investments with a poverty-reducing focus that we encourage our clients to get involved in.

Whether you are an interested individual, a group of friends, like minded persons or even a large corporation, we will gladly help you discover the options for your very personal ideas, your group's goals or your corporate social responsibility strategies to support Rwanda and Rwandans.

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