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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - Spend a day not a fortune

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - 1 day

Your visit to the mountain gorillas in Rwanda begins as you leave Kigali the capital of Rwanda heading northwest to Musanze. You will enjoy a beautiful scenic drive across a land adorned with endless green hills which is the predominant landscape of Rwanda. Your destination is the volcanoes National Park, home to the mountain gorillas and Rwanda's entry to the majestic Virunga Mountains range that streches across into the D.R congo and Uganda. The most befiting introduction to this remarkable encounter with the silverback mountain gorillas in Rwanda is undoubtedly a look into the intimate life of their greatest conservationist and primatologists the late Diane Forsey, who spent and lost her life thirty years ago preventing the extinction of mountain gorillas in Rwanda. ” Your night is well spent in a comfortable lodge that connects you with nature and helps you to acclimatize before the early morning trek through the mist.

By sunrise you trek begins up the slopes of the volcanoes. The vegetation gradually thickens as you penetrate deeper through bamboo trees where you come across different flowers, wild animals such as the golden monkeys and and birds that are accompanied with all soughts of wilderness sounds that bring the forest to life as you track the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world. The climax of this experience is definately your encounter with the chest thumping Silverback mountain gorilla, the alpha male and leader of the group that is approximately three times your size yet gentle enough to baby sit. Aside from the chest thumping theatrics that is actually a call to keep other silverback gorillas from invading his group and foraging for food, the mountain gorillas sole occupation is baby sitting. For an hour up close You seemingly enter into their lives without disturbing them. This is ample time for you to immerse in the experience as the gorillas go by their daily routines doing what mountain gorillas do best, eating and resting while keeping a close eye of their very playfull young ones.

This gorilla trekking in Rwanda experience is ideal for anyone above the age of thirteen with just a day to spend. You are welcome to visit the Kalisoke Research Center in the afternoon where you will learn more about the mountain gorillas in Rwanda or take a drive down the congo nile to Gisenyi serena beach, where you can lay back and enjoy the beautiful sun set on lake kivu. This tour can be done in one night and a day or extended to a second night if you prefer not to rush it. The accomodation is right by the park entrance for the first night and right by the shore's of lake kivu if you opt for a second night. Both budget and luxury accomodations are available.Find out more about this tour or call +256 788-558-880 for enquiries


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