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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - 2 days

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - 2 days

This trip takes you to the virunga massive which is the last remaining home of endangeared mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and the D.R congo. Adjust your destination by taking part in the kigali city tour . Drive up and down the hilly, spotless and rapidly growing kigali city, visiting sites of historical and cultural significance as you connect with the local african life in the burstling and multicultural urban center of Nyamirambo. You will exprience the true sights, sounds, and dishes of what would easily be any African urban center. Take a leisurely two a hour drive north through the unique rich-green, hilly terrain of Rwanda to Musanze-Kinigi the Mecca of gorilla enthusiasts.

Feel free to join in the dance and pick up a move or two as you are welcomed by lively and enrgetic young Rwandan traditional dancers in this green cold paradise, surrounded by beautiful panoramic vistas of the volcanoe mountains capped with thick misty fog rising from their crater lakes. As the suns rays shine through the early misty morning, you slowly ascend the slopes of the volcanoes cutting through vegetation covered with the ever fresh mountain dew as you track for the most sought after and truly the most poignant wildlife experience on the planet. The mystic nature of the forest comes fully to life mostly with the chatter of the golden monkey accompanied by other wild sounds of different birds and animals that inhabit the volcanoes national park.

Finally you get an hour upclose with these great apes that hardly take notice of your arrival or excitement and are rather more engrossed in their lives, busy eating bamboo shoots. Though much ignored by your host mountain gorillas you will undoubtedly fell the warmth and gentleness of these magnificent beasts. Your next day's encounter is just as remarkable and truly enriching if not more eductaional. After all, the mountain gorilla is your closest primate relative and the better you get to know each other, the closer you get in return. This mountain gorilla safari leaves no volcanic stone unturned for you to get a well rounded educational experience as you prepare to encounter with the mountain gorillas in the virunga. Spend two days and two nights in the virunga after an educational - 'This is Africa' excursion that is offered exclusively by NDA as part of the city tour that seeks to first connect you with not only the country but the continent at large. This mountain gorilla trekking tour best takes four days and three nights though it can be done in three days. The accomodation is right by the park entrance. Both budget and luxury accomodations are available. Find out more about this tour or call +256 788-558-880 for enquiries


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