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Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - 4 days

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda - 4 days

Enter the Virunga offers you the shortest trips to the remaining mountain gorillas in the Virunga whose Volcanoe mountains range covers a massive 4400ha land at the border of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. You have three optional entrances to the park one in each of the three countries namely Bwindi National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and the Virunga national Park in congo. Whatever park entrance you opt for this adventure Safari kicks off from Kigali the capital of Rwanda. This is due to its proximity to the border where the Virunga Mountains Range cover. 4hrs from kigali as opposd to 10 from kampala to Bwindi. Another 4hrs from kigali as opposed to 12 hours from Kinhasa the capital of D.R Congo

This makes Rwanda the most ideal point of entry to gorilla trek in the Virungas Massive. Park permits range from $750 - Volcanoes national Park Rwanda, $450 - Bwindi National Park - Uganda, $350 - Virunga National Park - D.R Congo There are plenty of reasons why the gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda is more costly, but all in all whatever park you track you get to encounter these rare and endangered mountain gorillas

This tour sets you geographic orintation to Rwanda, though visitors who opt to trek the mountain gorillas in the D.R Congo or Uganda still get to enjoy the Rwandan experience which includes an Educational tour to a community of choice. This tour can stretch from two to four days depending on how much time you can spare.Find out more about this tour or call +256 788-558-880 for enquiries


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