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NDA Top rated packages

With over a decades experience in the tourism industry we have come up with a list of tours that have been rated by our previous clients as most satisfactory. These are our most frequented safari packages are considered by previous clients to be every penny's worth. One common aspect of this trips is you spend more time conducting activities and less time is spent getting to your destination


Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda

Our gorilla safari packages are usually a combination of gorilla trekking and other activities. These packages cater for different fitness levels and different trip-styles such as cultural, educational, adventure, honeymoon and family packages. Budget and luxury options are also available as well as special group rates for 4 persons and above. The only restriction is an age limit set that requires you to be 13 and above.


Community Excursions

To further proactively support the creation of life-enriching experiences for guests as well as hosts, we are constantly innovating new ways of turning tourism excursions into social action . These excursions aim not only at offering an intimate and very personal educational experience to the visitor, but also at providing the local hosts with invaluable opportunities to take part in and benefit from tourism activities. The projects can be visited as an excursion from Kigali or Gisenyi, or they can be incorporated into your longer educational travel program


Educational Expeditions

We understand that each student group has unique interests, time constraints, and budget concerns. At NDA, a dedicated program manager works closely with each of our student groups to design customized student group tour program while optimizing resources and meeting student group’s travel objectives. Private student group tours are designed for groups of 20 or more students. Your group can choose from one of our recommended itineraries or our program managers can design a customized program that is tailored to meet all your student group’s needs.


Special Interest tours

Our programs for special interest delegations aim at introducing the visitor to one or several distinct themes such as business, law, education, culture, history, health, governance, agriculture etc. This is achieved through a variety of visits to institutions and projects, meetings with individuals and groups from the grassroots level to the top decision-makers, a mix of a few theoretical presentations and many practical experiences on the ground, and time for discussions and reflections. All of this is combined with intimate experiences with the local culture and people, the country's established tourism attractions and a relaxing exclusive travel environment.


Professional focus travel

Our educational tour programs for professional focus delegations aim at introducing the visitor to the success stories and challenges of a professional field in Rwanda. Our delegates visit a variety of institutions and projects, meet with individuals and groups from the grassroots level to the top decision-makers, and generally look at both theory and practice. Of course, no visit is complete without intimate experiences with the local culture and people, a few of the country's established tourism attractions, and a relaxing and exclusive travel environment.



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