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Encounter 13 primate species including the mt. gorillas

Primates Safari

Rwanda is the ultimate destination for primates safari and mountain gorilla trekking is currently the most frequented primate safari in Rwanda. This primates Adventure takes kick off next morning at Cyamudongo part of Nyungwe – Africa's oldest montane forest, home to 13 species of primates,and close to 500 chimpanzees. Nyungwe forest comes to life with echoes of hoots and chuckles of the L'Hoest's and black-faced vervet monkeys. The forest's thick green vegetation is all covered in spectral mist that offer splendid vistas as you cut your way through the thicket.

There is not a particular trail or path in this adventure. You plunge your walking poles into the compost-rich soil to steady yourselves as you judder down steep muddy slope. You know you are close to a chimpanzee when out of the blue, there's the distinct sound of something larger and high above, you spot a hunched figure silhouetted against the mist, similar to an aged man crouched over his daily paper.

The chimpanzees are generally lively and frequently come lower to eat some figs whare you get a spectacular, uninterrupted view. The chimapnzee's encounters can range from just a few captivating glances to very long uninterupted views tha have no time limit.

This primate tracking experience is definately does not offer the close contact offered by the gorilla trekking but it offers more adventure, with no permanent paths or trails, Nyungwe is a dense forest that offers the full ecotourism discovery experience. All encounters with the chimps are at undesignated places in the park making everyones experience a truly unique discovery that is less forced and above all more mysterious. It is ultimately what a wildlife encounter should be.

Spend a night in the magnifiecent five star Nyungwe eco lodge that is encompassed by a beautiful tea plantation right in the most boidiverse rain-forest in Africa.

This adventure can always be extended to two days in Nyungwe National park for the full eco tourism experience or you can complete the primates Adventure by gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park.Find out more about this tour or call +256 788-558-880 for enquiries


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