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The millenium village tour Rwanda

The Millenium Village Tour in Rwanda is the most frequented community project excursion in Rwanda to date and remains Our Flagship tour. The eye opening day trip to the Rwandan Millennium Village in Mayange is a unique excursion that introduces the country’s development challenges and the successful interventions of the world’s most famous development initiative, the UN Millennium Villages Project.


This is Africa

Nyamirambo is a bustling multi-cultural commercial suburb of Kigali that offers visitors a typical African flair. Comparable with South Africa’s ‘Township Tours’, our unique ‘This Is Africa’ experience brings you right into the heart of the colors, noises and smells of Africa. Among others, you will experience the Muslim quarter with its Arab influences, the market, the West African tailors, the hair salons, the recording studio with its local rap music, the butcher, the health center and the primary school. Your hosts will also invite you to one of their homes where you will learn how to cook a Rwandan meal, and share lunch over intriguing conversations..


Dancing pots

Get to know the lives of Rwanda’s first inhabitants, the Batwa. This very small minority of roughly 25,000 traditionally lived in forests and led lives as hunters and gatherers. Not much has changed in their perceptions of life but their environment has changed dramatically. The Dancing Pots experience offers the visitor a unique opportunity to learn about and interact with this settled and forward-looking Batwa community. The excursion starts with an introductory presentation that explains the historical and cultural background, and prepares the visitor for the interaction with the community.


From crop to cup

The ‘From crop to cup’ experience combines the stunning scenery of Lake Kivu with an educational excursion where visitors learn about the coffee growing process. Visitors learn in hands-on ways about the entire coffee production chain . This lake Kivu Coffee Experience introduces the coffee growth process ‘from crop to cup’. YGet tp pick your own coffee cherries and follow through the various steps of coffee washing. Then proceede to roast your own coffee on an open fire and have a personal coffee tasting experience of hand-grinded and traditionally roasted coffee.



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