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Biking the Congo Nile Trail

Allowing you to see more trail in less time, and with the added thrill of tackling its countless hills, valleys, and overlooks on two wheels, biking is a fantastic way to get out and explore the Congo Nile Trail, and you’ll have no shortage of fellow cyclists, bicycles piled high with produce, joining you as you pedal from village to village. For ambitious travellers who might be short on time but don’t want to miss a metre of the Congo Nile’s spectacular 227kms of undulating lakeside trail, doing the trip on a bike cuts the 10 day hiking time by more than half, and any RDB office can work out an itinerary with you. If you don’t have a bicycle of your own, they’ll refer you to one of several specialized mountain biking outfitters. For riders who are shorter on time, it’s of course equally possible to tackle any section of the trail in short stages that will either have you back at your hotel by nightfall, or pitching a tent under the stars at one of the eight serviced campsites along the way.


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