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Kigali is currently Africas cleanest & safest city

Kigali City tour

Peacefully nestled along picturesque hilltops, Kigali is a thriving African city immediately notable for its cleanliness, orderliness, and hospitality.

Kigali city is a great place to begin or end any Rwanda tour as it's conveniently located in the geographic center of the country. The city is clean and safe, with extremely welcoming people. Travelers will enjoy exploring the great cultural activities - including several award-winning museums, burgeoning music scene, and some of East Africa's most memorable dining experiences as part of the Kigali city tour.

Kigali City was founded in 1907 as a small colonial outpost by Dr. Richard Kandt, the first German colonial resident of Rwanda. His residence at the base of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali in the heart of the city has been converted into the Natural History Museum in honor of Dr. Kandt’s work, and is one of the first stops on the tour.

The Kigali City Tour offers one an in-depth view of Kigali, past and present, assuring that one feels the genuine heartbeat of the city. Kigali is the capitalcity o f Rwanda, blessed with a year round moderate climate. It is also the country’s vibrant commercial center. Kigali is particularly beautiful at night as the lights glimmer over a few of the country’s “one thousand hills”. The Kigali City Tour begins as a historic journey through the city with a guided tour from the first modern building from which the capital city was first founded, to the rapidly growing neighborhoods that are changing the face of the city. Kigali is one of the friendliest, cleanest and safest of Africa’s cities attracting numerous visitors and investors to the capital.

  • AREA: 2,700 km
  • ELEVATION: 1,567 m
  • WEATHER: 18°C, Wind S at 2 km/h, 92% Humidity
  • POPULATION: 603,049 (2002)
  • POINTS OF INTEREST:Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Kandt House Museum of Natural History, Kigali National Museum


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